Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chasing Butterflies

Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life.  And everyone deserves a little sunshine.  - Jeffrey Glassberg

As a small girl I always wished to have bright and beautiful wings like a butterfly. I was and still am scared of heights so I had no intentions to fly, but yeah wings with splashed colors – WOW!

I often followed the butterflies and one day found myself lucky enough to catch one of them. So pretty and precious, I held it in my palm. It was sea green in color, no splashes yet vibrant enough to make me happy. After a while of watching and speaking to the colorful moth, I thought of setting it free. I kept it on the table but it just didn't move. I blew air into the wings but it was too late, it still didn't move. I asked my mother for help. She being the wiser one, sobered me down and explained me the frail structure behind the beautiful creature. Its not one of my best childhood memories, but surly good enough to give me a lesson that physical appearance can be deceptive and diminishing. I still love chasing butterflies with no intentions of catching them. 

Clicks in this collection come from my visit to Butterfly World. As the name suggests, this park is full of beautiful, colorful and vibrant butterflies. They fly all around the place and if you are lucky enough they wouldn't miss a chance to sit on the palms, shoulders and even heads of the visitors.

A Myscelia Ethusa

Heliconius Erato Notabilis

A Morpho Polyphemus

Heliconius Erato Notabilis on Poinsettia

The gorgeous brightly colored Morpho Banded

A Heliconius Ismenius

Heliconius Melpomene Madiera

Caligo Idomenius feeding on bananas

A Catonephele Orites

The Queen Butterfly

A visitor on my palm

 A display of various butterflies



  1. Beautiful pictures of butterflies. They are truly amazing creatures and so beautiful, both in coloration and the way they fly. One of natures little gifts.

  2. Wow Swati !!! Wat pics !! Amazing... so colorful... so soothing ... fall in love with each f them !!
    More-over u are a professional photographer by now ... all ur pics r superb !! including other albums too. :)