Friday, March 29, 2013

Make a Wish

As the title suggest this post includes my collection of make a wish deals. Ever wondered how and why did the saying of ‘make a wish’ got associated with some objects around us? If you think this is the place for your answer, well I am sure I can’t help you overcome these delusions. I personally love looking around for these small treasures that give a moment of thrill to people wishing and hoping their dreams may come true by doing gestures like – throwing coins in water bodies, tying knots, or as simple as blowing off candles from cakes.
The small pleasures of both child and adulthood!
A Wishing Well

This is a click from the wishing well at Luray Caverns. Look at the heaps of coins and even dollars lying in the green pond. Guess what, the grand total recovered from the pool till date is $897,933.32.
Locks - Wishing love for Couples
Floating Diya at Sangam
Floating Diya in River Ganga or Deep daan is wishing knowledge (light) to take over the ignorance (darkness) – तमसो माँ ज्योतिर्गमय
Some unfulfilled wishes
Some coins couldn't make it to the pond and were stuck on the leaves of lotus.
Creatures for Luck - Turtles

Wisdom, strength, symbol of God, good luck and what not, turtles symbolizes different thing in different cultures.
More Locks, more love, more wishes!
Rubbing the snout of this Pig is wishing to visit the city of Florence again.
Bamboo Plant at Home
Planting bamboo in Feng Shui is wishing for good luck and fortune.
Mata kee Chundari
In India, tying red clothes or threads is wishing for blessing, happiness and health from Shakti or Mother Goddess
Cake and Candles

This post will be incomplete without mentioning candles on birthday and anniversary cakes.


  1. Lovely pics Swati & very nicely assembled

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